Who is Jesus 3

{{artwork | artist = {{creator:Max Beckmann}} | title =Christ and the Sinner | inscriptions = |medium = Oil on canvas | dimensions = 58 3/4 x 49 7/8 in. (149.2 x 126.7 cm) framed: 74 1/4 x 65 5/8 x 4 1/2 in. (188.6 x 166.7 x 11.4 cm) |date = 1917 |source = |description = |Accession number = 185:1955 |institution = {{Institution:Saint Louis Art Museum}} |notes = |credit line = Bequest of Curt Valentin }} Category:Max Beckmann

Remember to look at the image first. Spend some time really looking at the image, the face, and the background. How does the image make you feel? What questions does it raise? Do you think it’s a good representation of Jesus, and if so what attributes do you feel the artist is trying to portray? You may wish to write some of your thoughts down.

Here’s todays link:

‘Claire suggested this painting. I like that Jesus isn’t easy to spot. There’s isn’t the ‘Holy Glow’ that we see in a lot of paintings, and the scene depicted – the woman caught in adultery from John 8 – is busy and full of movement.

Max Beckmann served in the German army during World War 1, and this is one of the first paintings he made after returning. His style changed in response to what he had experienced. One writer described it as ‘a drama of hands’.

When I asked Claire to name this Jesus, she named it – outsider Jesus. His hands make Him stand out from the other people and, unlike the ‘Holy Glow’ he’s almost muted, His face still, but turned into opposition to the crowd, and His foot planted squarely on the ground. Maybe this is the first of our images which doesn’t fit into the usual ways Jesus is portrayed. How does that feel? Does the way Beckmann has painted the picture fit with how you see the story from John? Perhaps you could read it with the picture in front of you.’

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