Sunday 5th September walk in Athy’s Dene


There will be no online service this week to give those who spend a lot of time doing it a week off. More than meeting in person, doing the online services seems a never-ending task and I know those who do it relish the odd week without the Friday deadline.

Instead, we plan to meet and walk into Athy’s Dene near Borough Woods in Morpeth. We can walk, talk and pray together in nature. We’ll meet at the car park (there are a limited number of spots) on High House Lane (Between Abbey Meadows and Mitford Road at 10:15 am and spend about an hour having a wander. There is a quite sharp hill once we get into the woods and I’d advise good shoes. I have done a sheet that you can use if you want to wander and pray alone or in small groups, or you may just want to chat and pray as led.