World Day of Prayer 2021


Dear Family and Friends of MBC,

The invitation is out for everyone – men, women, and children of all ages – to join the 2021 World Day of Prayer on Friday 5th March as we celebrate the theme: Build on a Strong Foundation.  Vanuatu, a chain of islands to the east of Australia, has prepared the service this year. We are encouraged to reflect on the challenges this republic has encountered during its steps to independence over the last forty years.

In Morpeth this year we are unable to hold a service because of Lockdown.

Various churches have been able to record their service written by the women of Vanuatu. You can watch these online/ on You Tube.

Offerings received through the World Day of Prayer transform our prayers into action in the form of project grants empowering women and children in our own country and throughout the world. All regions share in the grants, with consideration given to greatest need.

Through WDP offerings The vision is to restore hope to women and children touched by injustice.

During these unprecedented times of Pandemic if you would like to contribute to the offering (cheques may be written to WDP) please contact MBC’s representatives for the World day of Prayer-:

Jeanette Muir (07793046596) or Su Briggs(01670 515499)  and they can help you with this.
As always, stay safe, and be in touch if you need anything.